Yamaha CS-80
Fender Rhodes
born in 1943 in Greece
Roland VP 330 (strings/choral)

More than 30 solo-albums were made by this synthesizer hero! The music of Vangelis is multi-purpose and characterised by consonances of the Yamaha CS-80 synthesizer. Beside the CS, it is the Fender Rhodes piano, the VP 330 strings and the Emulator percussion samples which complete the spectre. Take a look at how the master demonstrates that himself: example 1, example 2

The CS-80 takes a particular spot in the sound of Vangelis. In almost every track from the master the CS is largely present. It is a (scarce) synthesizer which excels in controllable (hence also its name: CS or whereas Controllable Synthesizer). The CS-80 is in fact twice the CS-60 synthesizer and that makes it possible to reflect 2 different sounds at the same time. Its very recognizable brass-sound is deliciously floating in the double mode. Besides the many standard synthesizer knobs - buttons and faders- this synthesizer has an excelling balanced and weighed keyboard (with polyphonic aftertouch) and a so-called ribbon on which particular pitch variations can be made. An instrument to (learn) to master therefore...


photo taken at the Nemo studio in London

Vangelis music is filled with emotion and is splendidly expressed by the CS-80. Strings also contribute to this feeling and are most of the time played with the Roland VP-330. Funny fact is that the VP was meant as vocoder whereas built in consonances (chorals, strings) were meant as its carrier. Vangelis used the vocoder scarcely...

Synthesizers are leading in the music of Vangelis but also the piano is heared, both acoustically and electrically. Most confessed example of use of an acoustic piano is Chariots or fire. The electric Fender Rhodes piano is also a favorit instrument of Vangelis.


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