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Lots of Stuff?!

Synths en Stuff I once had and in somes cases still have...

Reason & Nuendo

The base for making music is in my case a cooperation between Steinberg Nuendo and Propellerheads Reason wich are synced together. Reason mainly for the muscial setup, Nuendo for additional midi instruments and/or VST plugins, recording of audio (vocals/instruments etc.), movie-synchronising and last but not least the mixing.

An amazing setup!

Prophet 600

Seqential Circuits Prophet 600

Six-voice analog synthesizer from 1982. Along with the Roland Jupiter 6 the first synthesizer equipped with Midi (even System Exclusive unlike the Jupiter 6). There is also a real-time sequencer on board. In the manual can be read that the P600 sounds like its big brother, the Prophet 5, for half the money. I remember the Music Maker review: "a synthesizer that cost far below 10,000 guilders that sounds like a synth from far above 10,000 guilders". (about 4500 euros). Listen to '600 Prophets' at the music section.


Yamaha S90ES

Besides a hugh amount of instruments this instrument has a fantastic keyboard with aftertouch. Besides that it has some extended master control functions and Mackie control. A perfect base instrument for the studio.





Roland JX-3P

Roland JX-3P

6-voice synth made in 1983 with 2DCO/1VCF/1LFO/1EG and 256 note stepsequencer.

The JX has is updated with the Midi Expansion kit from Organix and can now be tweaked with other hardware than the PG200 (in my case with the Behringer BCR2000 controller). Besides that, the JX3p can played velocity sensitive and is provided with a Windows editor application. Very nice!


JVC KB-700

Keyboard from the eraly eighties with great analogue sounding strings (a la Solina Strings ensemble). Also: monophonic synth section and analogue drumcomputer with accompainment.



Ekosynth P15

Ekosynth P15

Italian mono synthesizer from 1979, equipped with 15 presets, lfo, vcf, vca and portamento.

Listen to Retro Bossa with lots of P15!



Electro Harmonix FX

Mistress flanger/Filter Matrix and Smallstone phaser from the 70's.

Mistress: the spectrum frequency can be set manually or controlled bij an lfo. Versatile box with just a few knobs. Famous artists who used the Mistress: the synthsound of Jean Michel Jarre (Oxygene 5 in particular) and the gitarsound of David Gilmour (Pink FLoyd).



Behringer BCR2000

USB controller with 32 rotary controllers. Ideal for controlling softsynths and the base for editing the JX3P thanks to Organix Midi Expansion kit.


Korg MS20 legacy

USB controller and copy of the ledgendary MS-20 made in 1978. No analogue components on board here, but a splendid (polyphonic!) emulation with memory storage.



Keio Mini Pops MP-7

This analogue rhythm monster is recently added to my assortment! Keio was what later would become Korg. The machine was built in the late 60's and has 20 rhythms (divided concerning 2 banks) and 15 percussion-sounds, including the boasted "Quijada" from the music of Jean Michel Jarre. Jarre used a combination of beats (see pressed knobs on photograph): Beguine and Slow Rock in Oxygene 4, Rumba and Bossanova in Oxygene part 6. With the first 3 sliders the volume of the Quijada, the Guiro and the Tambourine can be regulated and its pattern sounds in almost every beat the same. Even when no beat it is chosen at all, they remain audible. Jarre used this pattern in Equinoxe part 5.

Remarkable: also a brand called Univox made its Minipops, by the type of SR-95. Looks (exactly!) the same, sounds different. Not only the sounds -which sound tuned- also the patterns are not equal in respect to its Korg/Keio brother.

Listen to a comparison I made. In the next example you here a few patterns, first from the Univox and then the equal pattern form the Korg. After that you will here both machines at the same time: at the left channel you can hear the Korg/Keio MP-7, at the right channel the Univox SR-95:

Korg_MP7_vs_Univox_SR95_Minipops.mp3 (thanks to Erik for using his Univox).

Rhythm Ace FR-1L

One of the first rhytmboxes ever made (1966)! Rhythm Ace would later become Roland. The box has 16 built in preset rhythms of wich clave, snare and cymbals can be canceled. Several rhythms can be slected at the same time. The sounds can internal be tweaked by tone and decay.


Eminent Unique 310

This nostalgic organ from 1971 added with a Rithmix rhythembox and Small Stone phaser is in my pocession and I am proud of that! The organ whith its unique string sound is the base of the first albums from Jean Michel Jarre...

The organ was produced in the early 70's. Most of them today are not in a great condition. Due to the fact that the organ was built entirely analog most of the problems can be fixed. Take a look at the Eminent restoration site (dutch only).


Godwin Strings

My first keyboard! Great token (but sometimes like to forget it was a little noisy...)





Siel Cruise

My first synthesizer! Though monofonic, it had a poly brass and string section. Cool!

Addiotional info:

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3



Roland Juno 106

My first polyfonic synth; its chorus does wonders...




Korg Polysix

Base synthesizer in the Music of Martin Agterberg.




Roland Jupiter 6

Never leaves the building...




Elka MK-55

Great masterkeyboard with polypressure!




Akai Samplers

S900, S950 and S1000

Roland JV1080

Basic instrument; great for live performance.




Yamaha FB-01

Funny FM synth but hard to edit...




Emu Proteus1

Basic instrument based on samples of the famous Emulator sampler...




Yamaha TX-7

DX7 expander, great for e-pianos and basses.






Boss DR110

My first drumcomputer.





Roland TR-505






Roland TR 606

Roland TB 303

Never used for the music it is popular for at this time.







Casio PT-20

Casio PT-20

This is where it all started with, my first keyboard with rythmbox, accopainment and a real sequencer! Still works great and was used on the CD Analogue Age.



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