Martin Agterberg

Album The Flyer
Korg Polysix
born in ...?
Korg KPR-77
Album Synshine

Somewhere in the 80's I entered a cd shop and encountered an LP(!) with a splendid cover: a synthesizer (Korg Polysix) served in smoke and touched by 2 synthetic hands. Reason enough for me to have a listen to the record. After the first track 'Behind the mountain' I became very enthousiastic and wanted to hear more; I never heard of Martin Agterberg nor his music but what I heard was phenomenal! And not only the first track...

The music of the LP 'The flyer' sparkles of beautiful melodies in almost traditional harmonies wrapped in splendid consonances which all were made with one Korg Polysix, a Korg MonoPoly, a KPR-77 rhythm box and a multitrack-recorder! A couple year later (1984) 'Synshine' came out on which the arsenal to synths was considerably larger: Poly 6, Poly 61, Mono-Poly, MS20, MS10, SQ10 Vocoder, symphonic piano 80s, KPR77 drumcomputer and a Linn drum computer. Remarkable: except for the Linn it is all Korg that did the job!

At the back of the LP Synshine is a text wich states: “We listen to growing wonder to the unlimited possibilities of the synthesizer. More remarkable is the fact that synthesizers that Martin Agterberg uses are for sale in most musicshops at prices that are acceptable for most everyone. His aim was to show that synthesizers anno 1984 are indeed available for the greater public. The fact that Martin Agterberg composed and made this LP in his 2 x 3 meter bedroom has let to the synthesizer being removed of the world of the technical studios and put where its really belongs, at home with you and me.” :-)

Nice detail finally: Martin Agterberg's main instrument is guitar...

together with Martin on his 2 x3 meter bedroom...

Martin Agterberg is owner of Studio Soundhouse in Schiedam and still owner of the Korg Polysix as shown at the album Flyer!

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