Eminent history
Furniture factory in Waddinxveen
Electronics factory in Bodegraven


Eminent was founded in 1923 by mister Vreeken as a family-owned shop. Mainly organs and harmoniums were sold then. In 1969 the company was expanded by his sons Kees, Frits and Louis Vreeken were they decided to build there own organs under the name of Eminent. The 310 was one of them! Economic recession and lack of demand for traditional home-organs (coused by new brands like Casio, Yamaha en Technics) meant the end of Eminent in 1984. In that same year Eminent BV was establised, still succesful today in manufacturing electronic church organs: www.eminentorgans.nl

The electronic design starts at the drawing table. Two engineers at work desinging the electonic diagram (also put inside of every organ).
Preparing parts before assembly at the factory. In the front among other things transformers were made and at the left-hand side the basspedals. At the back a collection of electronic boards were put together on a metal frame. These metal frames were mounted like a door that could be openend to make it easy for future repairs.
Wires were assembled on a metal frame. Because Eminent did not want internal connectors attached beacause of its jamming sensitivity they were directly soldered on the electronic boards.
Tesing an Eminent 2000 Grand Theatre.
After assembly organs were tested by putting them on for a few days. A testing method to eliminate assembly errors.
Five production teams were at work every day. An average amount of 100 organs were produced a day! They were not only were sold in Holland but also exported to Belgium, Luxembourg, Scandinavia and Canada.

The boasted string-ensemble was built in in several Eminent organs: 310, 510, 1500, 1600, 2000 and 2500.

From Eminent's crown jewels (1500, 1600, 2000 and 2500) even albums were made with some well-known tunes. Listen to a compilation of the Eminent 1500.

Many thanks to Jos and Annemiek den Boer (JdB audio)