Eminent Extension Box

The Eminent Box Extension (EEB) is an expansion for the Eminent 310 which makes it possible to separate the lower and upper keyboard from each other. With the built in phaser it is now possible to play the lower keyboard through the phaser while playing the upper keyboard without effect. But the EEB has more to offer, take a look at its specifications:

  • volume control on the upper keyboard for the 4 '/ 8' strings and string sustain
  • built in small stone phaser with various routing options
  • connection for external effects
  • adjustable "attack" of the sustain
  • stereo and mono line outputs (less noise)

The EEB exist of an electronic board which must be mounted on the Orbitone board Tone inside the organ. The by wire connected controllerbox can be placed on top of the organ. Some electronic skills are required, because the print itself should be soldered and mounted in the organ.

The developer of the EEB promises no damage to the original printing, everything can be put back original. The EEB is still in development and the price is unknown. For more information, visit http://eminente310.blogspot.com/

EEB layout Frontplaat Box
PCB board