Eminent Theatre 310 Unique
Special Edition White Theatre 310 Unique

Theatre? Unique? What's the difference?

On the left: the Theatre 310 Unique, on the right: the 310 Unique.

The only differences are visual ones. The Theatre has a darker casing, it's more colourfull (yellow, red, back levers for the register selecting instead of gray, brown and black), an on-board Rithmix 'drum computer' and if it survived the 25 years since they where build, fancy lights below the top-lid.

Electronically and functionally they are identical. If you are lucky there is even an add-on Rithmix unit for the 310 Unique. So in terms of sounds they make... they are 100% identical.

The Theatre has a known identification of 'E-310-U Serie 131 No xxxxxxx' or Serie 132 and the 310 Unique 'E-310-U Serie 92 No xxxxxxx'.

If you have an 310 please add it in the Eminent Owners Database.

Eminent 310 Unique
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